Happy Endings

It's been a pleasure to have rescued, cared for and found loving forever homes for all the dogs on this page. We wish our adopted dogs and their families wonderful lives together.

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Amy (right) adopted by Amanda, Mike and their whippets Purdey and Ludo on 27th October 2020.


Taz was adopted by Cathy, Les and their son and daughters 18th July.


Jemima (left) and Jeffrey were both adopted by Susan, Ian and their 3 kids 17th July.


Bernie adopted 12th July by Helen, Ian their son and daughter and Olive the cat.


Penny, adopted by Rae, Bertie the JRT and 2 cats 11th July.


Tallulah, adopted by Chloe and Andy 27th June.


Our bonded nervous pair Howard and Emily. Adopted by their fosterer Erin 30th June.


Brucie adopted by his fosterers Lianne and Paul 30th June.


Sheldon adopted 27th June by Louise and David.


Romeo adopted 15th June by Jonathan, Fiona and their 2 sons.


Spencer was adopted 31st May by Steph, Rob and their 3 daughters.


Samson was adopted by Vanessa and Paul 21st March and joined lurcher Mia and fellow greyhound Minder.



Megan (fawn) was adopted 31st December 2019 by George, Lynn, Ellie and their adopted GRSY boy Murphy.


Bumble was adopted 23rd December by Janine, Sandy and their grown up sons.


Sidney and Rio (the first two in the queue for the treats!) were adopted on 22nd December by Jill and her other dogs Davey, Sweetie and previously adopted GRSY old boy Manny.


Parker, now Murphy was adopted 24th November by Hannah and Ricky.


Leonard was adopted 19th October by Richard, Katie and their daughter Jessica.


Ebony (right) was adopted 12th October by Chloe, Sophie and their Galgo Ivan after a successful trial with their 2 cats, one of which is now Ebony's best friend!


Mandy, now Luna adopted by Angela and Steven 19th September.


Kitty, now Kira (right) adopted by Michael, his Greyhound Holly and 2 cats 15th September.


Delilah, now Lucy (right) adopted by Chris, Charmaine, their son Adam and Greyhound Joe 8th September.


Bonded pair Gypsy middle and Jenson right adopted 21st August by Liona, her 2 grown up children and their Collie, Jessie.


Bobby was adopted on 22nd July by Colleen and Mittens the cat.


Cookie was adopted on 21st June by David and Ralphie the Jack Russell.


Ollie our lovely Staffie boy (AKA our honorary hound) was adopted 9th May by Christine and John after losing 7.75kg to get down to a healthy weight and after recovering from an operation to repair his ruptured cruciate ligament. Be happy Ollie.


Angel, now Evie adopted 4th May by Vicky, James and their 2 sons.


Sophie was adopted by Jackie, her daughters Beth and Emma and their cat Beryl on 16th April.


Alan, now Xander (left) was adopted by a lovely couple and their lurcher Matilda on the 15th March.


Lovely girl Echo (front) went to join Trina and her new brother on 9th February.


Big character Mousey went to her forever home with Carrie, Simon and Jayden 22nd February.

Shy boy Archie was adopted by Monica and Geoff on 16th January 2019.

George joined his new family, Laura, Matt and their 4 children on 1st January 2019.



We're so pleased for our loved-up couple Lisa and Stu who joined their forever family Liz, Brett and children on 8th December.


Bertie joined his new family Joanna, Neil, Ben, Rosie and Rojo the cat on 18th November.


Birthday boy Murphy went home to his new family Lynn, George and Ellie on 17th November. What better present could there be???

Charlie joined his new family Tim, Paula and GRSY girl Minnie on 14th November.


Gorgeous 12 year old Manny found a lovely home with Jill on 28th October.


Our beautiful snowflake girl was adopted by Ben on 12th October.

Long-stayer Teddy found his forever home with Russell and Jo on 15th September.


Beryl joined Jeanne, Gary and her previously adopted kennel mate Blue on 12th September.


Jilly (left) Adopted 17th August by Christine, Robert, Penny and Oliver.


Violet (left) adopted 16th August by Unmani, Paul, Darcie and Katie.


Our beautiful Pippa went to her forever home on 21st July with Pennie, Mike and their white and black greyhound Deano. 

Our gentle giant Cooper went to his forever home on 7th July with Barbara, Frank and their cats including Missy who's in the picture. Be happy sweet boy.


Taylor went to his new home on 7th July with Melanie, Dax, their 2 sons and Tiggy the cat. Be a good boy sweetheart.


On 5th June our gorgeous big gentle giant Pluto (now Blue) went to his forever home with new owners Jeanne and Gary. It's taken a while to find him his perfect home but today is his day and we couldn't be happier for him. Many thanks to Laura and Damien for fostering Blue.


Our gorgeous Gracie went to her new home with Shuna and her two sons on 10th May. She came into our care after injuring her wrist on her very first race. All recovered now and such a happy bouncy girl who is going to be so loved by her new family. Enjoy your forever home baby girl.

Yay for our beautiful Bailey (left) who has finally got his forever home! Our special lad has his quirks but his new family Vicky, Dex and greyhound Daya are experienced and more than happy to work through any issues that might arise.


Beautiful Darcey was adopted on 27th February by her new family George and son Elliot. Darcey loves to play and now has a lovely big garden to run around in!


Wednesday 7th February was finally Harvey's day. After a long spell in foster with Clare and Gavin, this once-terrified lad finally flew the nest and went to live with the lovely Janet and Roy.  So happy for you Harvey, be happy special boy.


Florence's adoption has sadly been delayed because of kennels, work and snow - but there was no way Suzie wasn't going to keep this chilled out little lass! So on 21st January her adoption was completed and she has really landed on her paws! Suzie has made fleece coats for Florence and has kindly donated a couple to us along with a bed Florence won't use! 


Our lovely Jamie was adopted on 21st January by his new family Jane, Darren and their sons. Jamie has settled in great and most importantly been fantastic with the kids. His new family can't fault him so they've signed the paperwork and officially adopted him.

Our handsome boy Bramble went to his forever home with Annemarie and Lee on 20th January 2018 and we couldn't be happier for him.
Bramble loves his new mum and dad, his cosy bed and the garden.


Lucy, her partner Tom and their Whippet Amy took Bingo into foster as an emergency. They cared for him throughout the treatment on his injured wrist and of course they fell in love with our super happy chappy. So much so that they decided to keep him and on 17th Jan 2018 his adoption was made official.



Our gorgeous Jester was homed on 10th November with his new family Ross and Jonathan. Be a good lad young man and enjoy your forever home, it's been a pleasure looking after you x


Rolo and Eva, our loved up bonded pair went to their new home on 4th Nov with Adele, Lee and their two children. We're absolutely over the moon for these two beauties who have been renamed Ted and Penny, and of course their new family who have been lost since the death of their previous much loved greyhound.


October 4th was our beautiful Blossom's 3rd birthday and what better way to celebrate it than being adopted! Yes, Carole recently admitted what we knew all along that Blossom was home and wouldn't be leaving her foster home and new family Lady Eka (left) and Azu (front)!


So pleased for this happy little girl who was adopted on 23rd Sept by Paula, Tim and their Greyhound Basil. Be a good girl Minnie and enjoy the happy ever after you so deserve x 

Our lovely Bluebell (now Lulu) was formally adopted on 9th September 2017. She has settled in beautifully and is so loved by her new family  - she definitely loves them too! Be happy Lulu x


After a successful home trial Casper was formally adopted on 29th August 2017 by his new mum and dad Angela and Kris.

So happy for this lovely lad.


After a successful home trial our lovely Humbug was officially adopted on 6th August by Adele, Paul, Lily and Jake. He is now Jimmy and has well and truly settled in his new home. He's been amazing with the children, great overnight, loves his walks (when its not raining) and has made friends with all the dogs and people he's met. 


Cody has come so far and especially since being fostered with the lovely Sharon. We're delighted that Sharon, whippet Roxy and greyhound Skye have decided they can't part with Cody, so as from 26th July she's homed. 


Norman was officially adopted on 16th July 2017 after the lovely Lucy and Darren who fostered him following his op fell in love with him. Norman is so happy and settled in his new home and we couldn't be happier for him. 


Our crazy little Darcy was adopted on 7th July by Elaine and Peter. Also in the picture is their daughter's lurcher (left) who they look after during the day and will be a fantastic playmate for Darcy.


After a week's trial Tammy, now Luna, has decided she likes home and on 1st July 2017 is staying. Not only are her new family over the moon with her, her brother Whisper (left) is also much more relaxed and is really enjoying having a new sister. 


Kizi went on trial with Andy, Marie and their son and daughter and on 8th June they officially adopted her. It was lovely to see her again.


This beautiful girl has come so far in the 5 weeks since she was rescued in a very sad state. After a successful home trial it's safe to say Molly has landed on her paws in her new home with Barbara and her daughter and was formally adopted on 7th June 2017.  


Our brindle beauty Elsie has settled in so well with her family who then adopted her on 2nd June 2017 - Sharon, Jon and their daughters Alice and Emily. Enjoy your forever home sweet girl, glad we could help you find it x


Winnie was officially adopted on 2nd June 2017 by sisters Vikki and Kate, Kate's young daughter and Greyhound boys Bingo (who wouldn't get up for the photo) and Dave.


Ollie has been a good boy during his home trial and on 11th May 2017 he was formally adopted by Trevor and Anne and their hounds Alan (l) and Sally (r). He is now Iggy.


After a successful home trial with Claire and her boys we finally made Mari's adoption official on 7th May.

Midnight went to her lovely new home on 29th April and has become Winnie. She has been adopted by Kathryn and Marc, and their black lab Walter and Charlie the cat.


Gorgeous Dazzle was homed on 11th April after a successful trial in her lovely new home.


Several-time failed fosterers Jackie and Dave cannot bear to part with bully boy Socks (left) after much work, love and patience with him. So on 31st March he is officially staying with them, Molly (middle) and Sheba (right).


Belle (Stella as was, and on the right here) is staying with failed fosterers Lorna and Darren. Your new life started on 31st March 2017 sweet little girl.


After a short trial Domino settled really well and was officially homed on 25th March. He has become a lovely 'brother' to his new doggy friend Poppy, and is adored by his new family Sarah, Chris and their two boys.


We really couldn't be happier for our gorgeous big bully boy, Troy who was adopted on 20th Feb 2017 by his new Mum Erin 😀


Happy days ahead for our lovely boy Joey, now Beau who was adopted on 19th Feb by Lindsay, Lee and their Jack Russell girl Ella. 


Silky went to her forever home with Wendy and Peter on 19th January 2017 and this lovely girl has definitely landed on her paws! Be happy Silky x


Lovely Twinkle has become Twiggy and as of 17th January 2017 is having a fantastic life with Kathryn, Andy and adopted GRSY boy Ronnie. 



Spirit (now called Barney) was adopted on 15th December 2016 by Maxine, Andy and their daughter Kim.


Gorgeous 7 year-old Freya finally found her forever home on 10th December 2016 when Judith and James adopted her.  Enjoy your happy ever after Freya xx


After a very successful home trial our lovely Suki was officially adopted on 7th December 2016 by Susan, Ian and their 3 children. We're so pleased with how she's settled and wish them all a very happy future together x


On 3rd December Clare and Gav joined the failed fosterers club and adopted Sally. So pleased for our lovely girl who has really landed on her paws. Be good Sally and enjoy your forever home x


Martha has been on trial with Rachel, Matt, their 2 children and 2 dogs. She has settled brilliantly into the family and so they officially adopted her on 1st December 2016. Be happy Martha 💜


Our gorgeous Vinnie (right) was adopted on 19th November 2016 by Janet, Kingsley and their greyhound Merlin. So happy for our gorgeous fella who has been renamed Arthur.

Chief (was Callum) was homed on 6th November 2016 by Sue, Brian and their existing GRSY girl Olivia who was only adopted less than 6 weeks ago! 


Beth (left) went to her forever home on 29th October 2016 with Megan, Paula, Ewan and Gordon, not forgetting the lovely big brindle Oscar. 


Sky was adopted on 28th October to start her new life with her forever family Sharon, Claire and new little sister Roxy.


Gorgeous Stanley went to his forever home on 9th October 2016 with Julie, Steve and their 2 dogs Greyhound Milo and Whippet Bert. 


Monty (previously Olly) was adopted on 5th October 2016 by Jacqueline, Gordon and their 2 sons.


Olivia was adopted on 29th September 2016 by Sue and Brian and their family.


Jo and Becky also adopted Susie on 17th September 2016 after fostering her for a long period helping her to overcome her fear of unknown dogs. She now has a family of (currently) 6! Read more here.


After several ops and a lot of rehab to fix a neglected broken leg, gorgeous Reggie was formally adopted by Jo and Becky on 17th September 2016.

Read more here.


Lovely 3 year old Benson (front left) was adopted by Alan on 17th September 2016 and joined GRSY hounds Cherry and Tippy.


Extremely shy lad Eric has been in the perfect foster home for him. John & Mary have now succumbed and as of 17th September 2016 he is staying. Read more here.


Eddie was officially adopted by Debbie and Alistair and their GRSY girl Tia on 1st September 2016.


Old boy Jack has been on trial with Heather, Les and fellow whippet Ceilidh and as of the 15th August he's staying!


Trixie was adopted by Wendy and Craig and their daughters and dog Scooby on 8th August 2016.


Faith now Missy was adopted on 12th July 2016 by Linda and Ken and their 2 dogs


Baby Raven was adopted by Emma, Dave, their daughters and 3 Greyhounds 6th June 2016.


Now in her forever home with her 'failed fosterer' Alan and his previously adopted GRSY boy Tippy.

AZU (Mr Blue)

Adopted by Carole and her Greyhound Eka.


Adopted 11th February 2016 by Iain and Janet and Sam their young Labrador.


Adopted 20th April 2016 by Elaine, Dickon and their cat Muffin.


Puppy adopted 24th April 2016 by Kathryn and Andy, their 2 cats and previously adopted GRSY boy Ronnie.


8 week only puppy adopted 17th April 2016 by Deborah, Frank, their family, their Greyhounds Lottie and Boris and resident cat Smudge.


Puppy adopted 19th April 2016 by Dawn, Leon, their family, their cat Tommy and adopted GRSY girl Mitsy.


Lurcher girl (on the right) adopted 7th April 2016 by a lovely family and their Greyhound girl.


Whippet girl (on the right) adopted 4th January 2016 by Lisa and her 2 GRSY greyhound boys Henry and Sausage.



Adopted 21st January 2016 by Carl, Rachel, Ruby and their Lurcher Jen.



Adopted 28th February 2016 by Holly and David.



Adopted 28th December 2015 by Matt, Helen and their sons after a successful home trial.


Adopted 30th December 2015 by her fosterer Hilary and her Lurcher Heidi.


Adopted 10th July 2015 by Yani and family and their Rottweiler, German Shepherd and horses.


Adopted 28th November 2015 by Rea, her son Elliot and their greyhound Archie. 


Adopted 24th August by Frances and her family.


After a 47 week wait our lovely girl has finally found her forever home with Debbie and Alistair who adopted her 13th September.


 Adopted 1st August by Alan and his lovely

Greyhounds Katie

and Joe. 


Adopted 16th August by Dan, Lisa  and their previously adopted GRSY Greyhound Henry.






Adopted 6th July 2015 by his failed fosterers Maggie and Tes.







Adopted 2nd July 2015 by Andy and Trish and their

girl Amber (on the right).



Ella, adopted as a bonded pair with her best friend and foster sister Faren, by Alex and her family and their greyhound Lenny 12th April 2015.


      Big thanks to Greyhound Gap who oversaw Ella's care 

                       and rehoming once we got her safe.




Adopted 24th July by Lorna, Darren, their sons Ryan and Blake and their Staffie-cross Lab Chase.







Adopted 6th July 2015 by Jo

and John and their staffie







Sheba (brindle bull lurcher) officially adopted 6th June  2015 by her failed fosterers  Jackie and Dave and their  dog Molly (previously adopted from us).






Adopted 27th March 2015 by Steve.




  SEAMUS (Barney)


Adopted 22nd March 2015 by Shula and Mark and their two cats and two chinchillas.






Adopted 25th February by Dawn, Leon, their family and their cat.






Adopted 20th February by Jane and Andrew and their lurcher Alfie.






  JAKE (Pebbles)


Adopted 16th January by Fiona and   family and their Lurcher Elsie.






Adopted 6th January by Jacqueline and Keith and their two cats.






 Adopted 17th December by  

           Amy and Mark.





Adopted 29th November by

 Rachel and her Son and

     Greyhound Badger.




 JACK (Dave) 


 Adopted by Donna, Marc, their children and their Greyhound Dolly (Jack is blue).






Adopted 9th November by Louise and Keith and their Weimaraners Inca and Rufus.


Adopted 5th October
by Kim.


Adopted in September
by Jackie and Dave.


Adopted in September
by a lovely family.

RIVER (Hope)

Adopted by Dawn, John, Molly and their cat Angus on
7th August.


Adopted by Sue, Jon and their lurchers Ellie and Vivvie 27th July 2014.


Adopted by Rachael and Dan on 25th July 2014. Currently an only pet and enjoying all the attention.


Our lucky greyhound pup escaped a life of misery as a racer.


Adopted by Kathryn, Andy, their greyhound Bob and cats Noddy and Cooper on
31st May.


Adopted by Gill, Ian and their greyhound Meisha.


Adopted 14th January by the lovely Frankie and his 2 lurchers Jake and Millie.


Adopted by Lisa on 7th June.


Adopted by Noreen, Grey, Lev and their deerhound Turi on a very rainy day!


Adopted by a lovely family and their greyhound Doc.