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Date of birth: 26th Dec 2018

Tallulah is still only a pup, she will turn one at Christmas. She's a little bull lurcher girl, we believe Whippet x Staffie. She's not had the best start in life, her owner wasn't allowed to keep pets so kept her in his car for a while when his landlord found out before passing her on to a lady he met. We were alerted to her but by then she had been put in boarding kennels after spending a week in a home.

She arrived in our care very confused after being passed from pillar to post. She soon came out of her shell and is a lovely high energy pup. She's got crazy big ears and a gorgeous wrinkled head when they stick up which they do most of the time!

Tallulah is a high energy girl who is very food and toy focused and eager to please. She learns quickly but needs someone with patience to continue her ongoing training and set the boundaries she needs. Tallulah went into foster but unfortunately this didn't work out. Tallulah was walked with other dogs who were off lead and obviously wanted to play so was lunging on her lead to run and join them. This was frustrating for her and unfair on the other dogs so she was returned.

We were told that Tallulah was worked prior to coming to us so care will need to be taken as with all sighthounds due to their chase instinct. Tallulah isn't suitable to live with cats or other small furries but has been brilliant with all the dogs she's met although not all dogs appreciate how full on she is when she greets them with a big full on kiss! Tallulah needs a very secure garden but that said she can jump ridiculous heights so needs a family who will not let her out unattended as she will try to escape if she's no one to focus on. She would really benefit from further training and activities to keep her stimulated and mentally occupied. Tallulah loves everyone but is a bouncy girl so for that reason wouldn't be suitable with children who aren't confident around dogs. Tallulah requires a home where she won't be left for long periods as she showed signs of separation anxiety when left longer than a couple of hours when in foster.


Date of birth: 10th September 2015

Penny arrived into our care with a broken hock sustained while racing. Sadly Penny's recovery hasn't been straight forward and she's still got a way to go before she's fully recovered and available for adoption.


Date Of Birth: 1st October 2012

Rio came to us through a free ad when her owners circumstances changed. We were told she was 3 and hadn't had pups. It's obvious though that Rio has sadly been bred from and on tracing her history she was confirmed to be much older at 7 years old. This sweet girl was very shut down on arrival into our care and to say she had been in a home she was in a very poor condition. Apart from knowing she'd raced and was bred from, her history is otherwise unknown. We were told she'd lived with young children but have no proof of this although Rio is a very sweet natured girl and we believe she could live happily with dog savvy children. Rio has been great with our other dogs and walks lovely on her lead. Like most greyhounds she travels well and is very laid back. Rio had to have a major dental with 15 teeth removed but she's healed well and apart from particularly hard treats can eat without any trouble.


Date of birth: 4th July 2009

This nearly 10 year old young lady came into our care after 5 years in a home following a private re-home once she finished racing. As there was no rescue back up in place we were asked to take her following the birth of a new baby and the family no longer wanting her. Sadly Megan came into our care in a really neglected condition and clearly hadn't been loved or even had her basic care needs met. With vet care, good food and lots of tlc Megan came on in leaps and bounds and soon went to a home where she blossomed further. Sadly when the owners were out one day Megan and their other female Greyhound had an altercation and so Megan had to be returned. As no one was there at the time we'll never know what happened but the important thing is both girls are ok. Megan has been fine with all the other dogs since her return. She is so loving towards people but she appears uncomfortable around children so won't be rehomed with any children younger than teenage years. She's good with other dogs but due to the altercation extra care would need to be taken if there was another dog in the home.

Megan is now in foster with one of our adopted greyhound boys and she's doing amazing. The two dogs are getting on really well together with no issues at all. Megan travels well, enjoys short walks and loves her food and treats. Megan's biggest love is people and she's at her happiest when she's snuggled up having cuddles on the settee. Megan's age is sadly against her but she has lots of life left in her and so much love to give so please don't rule out our special old girl.

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