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Date of birth: 6th September 2016

Kitty is a sweet 2 year old who came into our care as an emergency from an allotment where she was being kept. On first sight of Kitty when we went to pick her up we could see just how terrified she was and we were told because she's terrified of everything she wasn't raced - as they would have never caught her again! It's been baby steps at Kitty's pace to gain her confidence and the other dogs have really helped her in coming round and learning to trust us. She is now a happy bouncy playful little girl with the people she knows and trusts but new people and situations are still scary so Kitty requires lots of ongoing patience and encouragement. We have no doubt Kitty would flourish in the right home but due to her nervousness any potential adopters would need to visit Kitty regularly to gain her trust prior to her going into their home. Upon adoption Kitty will need plenty of time and patience to settle and come out of her shell. Because of how scared and skittish she is, Kitty will only be homed to adult only households or families with older, dog savvy children. Kitty will also require a home where there is a confident resident dog to guide her.



Date of birth: 1st October 2016

Mousey is the tiniest little Greyhound girl but has a big character to make up for her small size. She loves loves loves people and gets so excited to have attention, her whole body will wiggle as her tail wags like mad! Mousey arrived with a broken hock that had sadly not been treated at the time she injured it while racing. Through lack of treatment at the time it took much longer for her to heal and fully recover but she has now finally fully healed and been signed off by our vet who is happy with her. He has however advised Mousey shouldn't be allowed to go silly off lead as this could aggravate her injury and cause her pain. Mousey may need occasional pain relief in the future especially after extra long walks or when it's really cold but right now she's doing really well and has been built up to happily manage 30 plus minute walks with the other dogs and it doesn't cause her any issues. Mousey will walk alongside other dogs without issue but needs to be an only pet within a home as she likes all human attention for herself and does get very jealous if another dog is getting any attention.


Date of birth: 4th July 2009

This 9 year old lady came into our care after 5 years in a home from a private re-home. We were asked to take her following the birth of a new baby and the family no longer wanting her. Sadly Megan came into our care in a really neglected condition and clearly hadn't been loved or even had her basic care needs met. With vet care, good food and lots of tlc Megan came on in leaps and bounds and soon went to a really good home where she blossomed further. Sadly when the owners were out one day Megan and their other female Greyhound had an altercation and so Megan had to be returned. No one knew what happened but after conversations with the couple since the incident we've established that Megan has sleep startle and so we, and they believe Megan must have been asleep when she was startled leading to an altercation when the other Greyhound reacted to her and this unfortunately escalated. Megan has been fine with all the other dogs since her return. Megan is so loving towards people but she appears uncomfortable around children so won't be rehomed with any children under 13. She's good with other dogs but due to her sleep startle extra care would need to be taken and if there was another dog it would need to be a laid back non reactive dog. 


Date of birth: 6th April 2018

New arrival into our care and currently under assessment. Further details to follow.


Date of birth: September 2014

Under assessment, more information to follow.


Date of birth: July 2011

New arrival into our care and currently under assessment. Further details to follow.


New arrival into our care and currently under assessment. Further details to follow.

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