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Date of birth: 10th September 2015

New arrival. More information to follow.


Date of birth: June 2017

New arrival. More information to follow.


Date of birth: December 2013

This gorgeous brindle rough coated lurcher didn't have the best start in life. Gypsy and her canine family lived alone in outside kennels on a small holding with their owners only popping in to feed and check on them. Sadly due to a case not involving Gypsy (or Jenson who we rescued with her) the owners were banned from keeping dogs. The RSPCA took Gypsy and Jenson's 2 pups and we were asked to take the 2 adult dogs. We were told by the owners that they weren't used to other people, hadn't been socialised with other dogs and weren't used to being on a lead but both Gypsy and Jenson have amazed us with how they've taken everything in their stride. They love everyone they meet, have been great with other dogs of all sizes and are brilliant on their leads. They are very clean in their kennel, fine travelling and are looking really well after gaining weight.
Gypsy really loves Jenson, she is also very dependent on him and panics when they're seperated unless she's out on a walk with other dogs and can take reassurance from them. Although we would love the 2 to be adopted together they could be split up, providing Gypsy went to a home with another dog. She really wouldn't cope being on her own. Gypsy constantly jumped up at us when she first came into our care, this has been gently but consistently discouraged and her persistence has lessened as time has gone on but as she does still jump Gypsy will be unsuitable to live with younger children and would be better suited to families with older dog savvy children.


Date of birth: 6th September 2016

Kitty is a sweet 2 year old who came into our care as an emergency from an allotment where she was being kept. On first sight of Kitty when we went to pick her up we could see just how terrified she was and we were told because she's terrified of everything she wasn't raced - as they would have never caught her again! It's been baby steps at Kitty's pace to gain her confidence and the other dogs have really helped her in coming round and learning to trust us. She is now a happy bouncy playful little girl with the people she knows and trusts but new people and situations are still scary so Kitty requires lots of ongoing patience and encouragement. We have no doubt Kitty would flourish in the right home but due to her nervousness any potential adopters would need to visit Kitty regularly to gain her trust prior to her going into their home. Upon adoption Kitty will need plenty of time and patience to settle and come out of her shell. Because of how scared and skittish she is, Kitty will only be homed to adult only households or families with older, dog savvy children and Kitty will also require a home where there is a confident resident dog to guide her. 

Kitty was recently cat tested and has shown herself to be cat trainable.


Date of birth: 4th July 2009

This nearly 10 year old young lady came into our care after 5 years in a home following a private re-home once she finished racing. As there was no rescue back up in place we were asked to take her following the birth of a new baby and the family no longer wanting her. Sadly Megan came into our care in a really neglected condition and clearly hadn't been loved or even had her basic care needs met. With vet care, good food and lots of tlc Megan came on in leaps and bounds and soon went to a home where she blossomed further. Sadly when the owners were out one day Megan and their other female Greyhound had an altercation and so Megan had to be returned. As no one was there at the time we'll never know what happened but the important thing is both girls are ok. Megan has been fine with all the other dogs since her return. She is so loving towards people but she appears uncomfortable around children so won't be rehomed with any children younger than teenage years. She's good with other dogs but due to the altercation extra care would need to be taken if there was another dog in the home.

Megan is now in foster with one of our adopted greyhound boys and she's doing amazing. The two dogs are getting on really well together with no issues at all. Megan travels well, enjoys short walks and loves her food and treats. Megan's biggest love is people and she's at her happiest when she's snuggled up having cuddles on the settee. Megan's age is sadly against her but she has lots of life left in her and so much love to give so please don't rule out our special old girl.


Date of birth: September 2016

Delilah is a super happy bouncy young girl who loves life and has a very outgoing personality. She's only 2 but escaped a life of racing as she turned around to face the wrong way each time she was put in the traps to race. She is really good on her lead, just getting a little excited when she sees something of interest and wants to investigate what it is. Her tail never stops wagging, in fact her whole body wiggles with excitement.

Delilah was a star when she went into short term foster with 2 other greys to recover from being neutered. She's really good with other dogs especially sighthounds and is kenneled with Samson who she adores but the two don't need to be rehomed together and Delilah is such a confident girl she would adapt well to being an only pet providing she had plenty of attention and stimulation. She's very inquisitive by other dogs out and about but we've not witnessed any negative behaviour, she just wants to be friends. With how overenthusiastic Delilah can be wanting to play, she can be too much for calmer dogs who aren't as playful as her.

We recently cat tested Delilah and she was amazing and most definitely proved to be cat trainable. However, Delilah would be too much for less confident cats who aren't used to dogs as she was very interested. This was in a very positive way with no malice whatsoever but not every cat would appreciate Delilah wanting to make friends. Delilah loves everyone and could live with confident dog savvy children but again her bounciness will be too much for most younger children.


Date of birth: September 2014

Cookie came into our care straight from racing and very quickly found a home. Unfortunately the other dog didn't accept Cookie within the home and after an incident where Cookie was bit on her side it was decided it'd be in both dogs best interests for her to return to our care. Cookie went into foster shortly after her return and as she hadn't been used to being left in her previous home Cookie initially suffered with separation anxiety but she quickly got used to being left for short periods which was built up and Cookie is now completely fine to be left for upto 4 hours at a time and is calm and settled as her fosterers leave the house, clean while they're out and happy to greet them on their return. Cookie is also good through the night and will ask if she needs to go out. Cookie enjoys free run of the downstairs of her foster home and hasn't attempted to venture upstairs.  She is sharing a home with two other greyhounds - a boy and a girl and has adapted really well to the family's routine. She has a calm and confident nature and is very respectful of the other dogs’ personal space, Cookie was quickly accepted into the home by the other dogs and is often snuggled up to one of them on the sofa.

She loves to snuggle up with her fosterers and she will playfully roach next to them to demand lots of belly rubs and showing off her big toothy grin!

Cookie enjoys her walks and is good on the lead. She can be reactive when she sees cats or squirrels but has been good meeting other dogs and people. Cookie especially enjoys human company and loves meeting new people, she has been fine around children too although she isn't currently living with children.

Cookie is a sweet, confident and fun loving girl who will bring a lot of joy to her forever family.

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