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Date of birth: October 2012

Our handsome lurcher Jacob is desperately seeking his forever home. We believe Jacob is a Greyhound x Pointer and is therefore a very high energy boy. He can easily become bored and so will require a home where he will be kept both physically and mentally stimulated. We are looking for an experienced lurcher family who will set boundaries for Jacob with positive reward based training. He came to us from a stray pound - where he went after being involved in an RTA - when he wasn't claimed by his previous owners. Once fully recovered he was rehomed but unfortunately it didn't work out. Jacob is your typical lurcher who loves the outdoor life, long walks, adventures, lots of fun based activities and mental stimulation. He loves playing fetch; his activity based toys which keep him occupied while he's in kennels and of course cuddles, treats, long walks and runs in the paddock. He's a very friendly, loving boy with a cheeky side. He's good with other dogs most of the time and will happily walk with his kennel pals but he doesn't like dogs in his face and can be choosey with some male dogs, because of this Jacob needs to be an only dog within a home though would happily enjoy walking with other dogs particularly laid back females. Jacob can get over excited and will jump up when he knows he's going out but this has got much better. When Jacob was adopted the couple who had him by their own admission were quite lenient with setting boundaries at first as they felt that he'd had a sad life up to then so wanted to spoil him. Sadly he played on their leniency and started showing some negative behaviour and following lengthy discussions it was agreed that he'd be better placed with someone more experienced.

We offer ongoing support to all our adopters and fosterers and are happy to discuss Jacob’s past behaviour further if you are interested in him. Jacob is sadly our longest resident now since arriving back just before Christmas 2016, he has the best life we can give him but he so deserves a proper home. We know Jacob will make an amazing pet for the right family... We just need to find him that special family.


Date of birth: 2009

This lovely old fella came to us following his elderly owners death after his other family members within the home sadly decided not to keep him. Buckley struggled initially, he was pining for his owner as well as the rest of his family but in time he settled and got used to the routine.

Being an older, black, bull lurcher boy Buckley had everything against him and was overlooked time and time again. Buckley got very stressed with the bad weather on the kennel roof and one night when it was particularly bad he got so stressed he pulled his heatlamp down in his panic, smashing the glass bulb and tripping the electrics leaving all the dogs in the dark and cold. Luckily he was ok but he needed to get out of kennels. We got him into emergency foster but Buck had severe separation anxiety and sadly couldn't cope with being left for a couple of hours on weekday mornings and so we sought a more suitable foster home where he remains in long term foster and is doing really well.

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