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Date of birth: October 2012

Our handsome lurcher Jacob is desperately seeking his forever home. We believe Jacob is a Greyhound x Pointer and therefore he has lots of energy. He can easily become bored and so will require a home where he will be kept both physically and mentally stimulated. We are looking for an experienced lurcher family who will set boundaries for Jacob with positive reward based training. He came to us from a stray pound when he wasn't claimed by his previous owners. He was rehomed but unfortunately it didn't work out. Jacob is your typical lurcher who loves the outdoor life, long walks, adventures, lots of fun based activities and mental stimulation. He loves playing fetch; his activity based toys which keep him occupied while he's in kennels and of course cuddles and treats. He's a very friendly, loving boy with a cheeky side and is good with other dogs. Jacob can get over excited and will jump up when he knows he's going out but this has got much better. When Jacob was adopted the couple who had him by their own admission were quite lenient with setting boundaries at first as they felt that he'd had a sad life up to then so wanted to spoil him. Sadly he played on their leniency and started showing some negative behaviour, the couple wanted to persevere but following lengthy discussions it was agreed that he'd be better placed with someone more experienced.

We offer ongoing support to all our adopters and fosterers and are happy to discuss Jacob’s past behaviour further if you are interested in him. Jacob settled back into the routine of kennels without any problem but is sadly our longest resident now since arriving back just before Christmas 2016. He's not shown any negative behaviour since being back with us, he is still the same extremely loving, eager to please, happy boy we all know and love.


Date of birth: 14th December 2012

Our gorgeous cuddly Staffie boy Ollie came into our care as an emergency when his previous owners landlord said he couldn't have a dog and so he was going to put him to sleep. Ollie went into a Staffie-experienced foster home and was later adopted. Sadly after 2 happy years in the home Ollie came back to us through no fault of his own when his owner became ill. Ollie has come back just the same as the lovely cuddly boy we know and love. He hasn't got a bad bone in him and has made friends with everyone he's met; men, women, kids and dogs alike. Ollie is fully house trained, he travels well and he just loves love. He's a strong boy but walks really nicely on his harness and trots along happily with a spring in his step, a big Staffie smile on his face and his trademark non stop waggy tail. Sadly despite his gorgeous looks, fab temperament and happy cuddly nature Ollie isn't being noticed as he's a Staffie in a sighthound rescue so if anyone reading this could tell their Staffie loving friends about our wonderful boy it'd really help him find his forever family! Ollie has lived with children in both his previous homes however we would prefer older or dog savvy children who will respect Ollie and his space. 


Date of birth: 1st August 2015

This handsome fella came into our care as a pup when his owners existing dog wouldn't accept him and he was at risk of falling into the wrong hands. Taz went into foster where he came on in leaps and bounds and ended up staying. He had an amazing bond with the couple, their two female dogs and their young daughter but sadly through no fault of his own Taz had to come back into our care. One of Taz's owners became very ill and in time his other owner struggled to cope with juggling everything. It all got too much and the breaking point came when a dog they were looking after - an entire male - growled at Taz in his own home. This happened on 2 separate occasions, the second of which escalated when the other dog went for Taz. Luckily neither dog was badly hurt but following a long conversation with his owner that evening it became clear the family were struggling with the situation and we offered to take Taz back which they felt would be in his best interest. Taz was very stressed coming back and going into kennels. This poor boy had done nothing wrong yet had his whole life turned upside down.

Taz has settled brilliantly and loves everyone he meets but after being attacked by another dog in his own home sadly our once very dog friendly boy is now very wary and can be reactive to dogs he doesn't know. Once he gets used to other dogs and knows they're not a threat to him Taz will happily walk with them. Taz has been used to going off lead and loves nothing more than running around with his ball and playing fetch but as he can be reactive this currently has to be in an enclosed field. Taz is house trained, travels well and is always eager to please. Taz can walk nicely on his lead but is a strong boy and he does need an experienced home ideally as an only dog. Taz may be able to live with a female dog if the match is right but this would require multiple introductions first to ensure both dogs were fully comfortable together before he could be adopted so any potential adopter would need to commit to regular visits to get to know him over a period of time.

We had Taz's 'lightning bolt' tail checked when he originally came into our care as it looked like it'd been trapped and broken in 2 places. The owner he came from said he'd been born like it but we weren't sure. Our vet however believed that was the case and as it doesn't cause him any pain or discomfort it was best to leave it how it is. It definitely adds to his character. 


Date of birth: 2009 

Buck is a bull lurcher boy who we were asked to take as an emergency after he was advertised 'free to a good home' following the death of his owner. Buck was understandably very stressed on his arrival. He'd had his whole world turned upside down and found himself in a busy kennel block at 9years old after years as a family pet. Buck lost a lot of weight through stress and pining for his family but in time he settled and slowly but surely he gained weight and condition and now looks amazing. Buck is a very sweet boy, he was worked when he was young before his previous owners got him and still has a very keen chase instinct especially in the woods but he loves his walks and away from any small furries he walks really well on his lead. Buck is really friendly towards our other dogs, especially the girls but as Buck hadn't been socialised with many dogs prior to coming to us he's not very good at reading other dogs and as a result can be quite 'heavy headed' in his greetings and usually headbutts when I'm sure he only intends to have a little sniff! Buck doesn't mean any malice but with how overly friendly his greetings are he has been told off a few times by other dogs. Buck has accepted this and backed off though without retaliating. Buck is a big strong lad and although he walks nicely on his lead he can pull when he wants to so a new owner needs to be aware of Bucks strength. Buck, affectionately known as Buckaroo loves his walks, he knows his basic commands but above all Buck loves human attention and is at his happiest when someone sits with him for a fuss and cuddle and Buck is usually so content to have the loving attention he so desperately misses that he quite often falls asleep within a few minutes of having a cuddle! Buck is completely house trained and tries to be clean in his kennel. Due to his size and clumsy over enthusiastic greetings we are looking for a home without any young children where Buck will get lots of attention, tlc and nice walks to enjoy his later years, don't be put off by his age though Buck has lots of life left in him. This boy really has got so much love to give.


Date of birth: 12th November 2013

Sidney is a lovely laid back boy. He can be quite a lazy boy and sometimes needs a bit of encouragement to get off his bed but he enjoys his walks and plods along happily. He's good with people and other dogs but is happy in his own company and not at all demanding. Sidney is currently kennelled with Echo, he never challenges her and is happy to be bossed around. Sidney has a good appetite and enjoys his meals. He's very happy in kennels and we know in time he would be even happier in a home but when he went into short term foster following being neutered he was very stressed in the strange surroundings of a house having never been anywhere other than a kennel before. He paced and panted all night and wouldn't settle and so came back to kennels the following morning where he was quick to roach on his bed before going to sleep, completely exhausted. Sidney really needs a calm and patient family to give him the time and space he needs to adapt to life in a home. Once settled Sidney will be a dream boy but settling him will take time. Sidney is completely clean in his kennel and although very unsettled he was clean overnight in foster too.


Date of birth: 11th July 2015

This handsome boy came to us straight from racing following an injury sustained while on the track. On arrival it was clear his hock was broken and we immediately got him booked in for x-rays and checked by our orthopaedic vet. Bobby's broken hock was healing how it should so no intervention was required however he needed to be rested to allow the break to heal properly. Poor Bobby has lots of energy and was desperate to play and go for walks so he was really sad being left behind when all the others were going out. When we went to sit with him he was so happy he'd bounce around all over and couldn't understand why we were constantly trying to stop him doing this and keep him calm. After what seemed like an eternity Bobby finally got the all clear to start going for short walks. Bobby couldn't contain his excitement at being out and wanted to get everywhere at the speed of light and would pull us to get there. He has calmed down and is doing much better as time has gone on, he's got used to being out and his walks have been built up. Bobby is fine with other sighthounds but is rather interested in smaller breeds so care is needed out on walks and he will not be rehomed with any smaller dogs or other small furries. Due to his strength and prey drive he will require a more experienced owner and because of his size and bounciness Bobby won't be rehomed with any younger children. Bobby is such a happy-go-lucky boy who loves everyone, or so we thought. We were surprised to see him cower away from visitors to the kennels. We get him out of his kennel to meet people as he's uncomfortable with people looking into his kennel. He's usually happy meeting people this way but is still sometimes wary of people and will shy away from them. Bobby hasn't got a tail, we're told he was born without one, he wags his whole body when he's excited though and apart from when he's wary of new people Bobby tends to be a happy chappy most of the time.


Date of birth: 13th March 2015

This big handsome fella came to us as an emergency following a racing injury preventing him from racing for a while. Although Parker's injury wasn't serious and he could have raced again, his owners were unable to pay his kennel bills while he wasn't racing and so were going to have him put to sleep. Luckily we were able to step in and save him. Parker's injury just needed rest and he hasn't had any problems since coming into our care. Parker only has a very short stump of a tail but he's such a happy boy and wiggles his little stump with excitement. Parker was very strong on his lead when he arrived but since being with us and having daily walks he has calmed down so much and walks lovely on his lead now. He's good with other sighthounds but still a little intrigued by other breeds as he's just not used to seeing non-sighthounds. Parker is really loving, he loves to roach and now he's settled he loves to play and will happily charge around and play bow which is lovely to see. Parker is a really clean boy and will hold himself rather than soil his kennel. Parker is a really playful boy who loves his toys but after never previously having anything of his own he initially guarded them. We've really worked with Parker over his resource guarding in a very positive reward based way and he is much happier and more relaxed when we're around his toys. His new owners will need to be aware of this though and take extra care. As a result of this Parker is unsuitable to live with children 


Date of birth: 13th January 2015


New arrival into our care and currently under assessment. Further details to follow.


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