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Date of birth: 2nd October 2015

New arrival. More information to follow.


Date of birth: 24th September 2015

New arrival. More information to follow.


Date of birth: April 2015

We were first alerted to these 2 (Howard left) who were described as nervous after offering space to some other dogs from the same kennels. See Emily on our current girls page.

The other dogs were only pups but arrived absolutely petrified and we took these 2 just a couple of days later. They had been subjected to the lack of care for much longer and as a result it was much harder to gain their trust and help them overcome their fear of the world and everyone in it. Out of their kennel they would freeze if anyone went near them while in their kennel they would back away till they could no more.

So sad to see their fear and heart-breaking to think how they had been treated to be so scared of everyone. They soon got into our routine and learned when it was their turn to be fed or go out. 

It's been a long slow process to gain their trust and even now we haven't fully. They still have their skittish periods, shy away and freeze when they are scared but they've come such a long way and are a far cry from when they arrived. Howard and Emily now both have good appetites, they get so excited especially at breakfast time and they love their walks and again get excited to get ready to go out.

Emily is at her happiest laid in the safety of her kennel after being fed and is often found roaching. Howard loves mealtimes but both love each other more than anything and Howard often lays with his head on Emily, they usually lay cuddled up together. Following all they've been through, their close bond and how they take confidence from each other in different situations they need to be rehomed together and we won't split them up.

Finding someone to adopt 2 dogs together is always difficult. Finding a special home for 2 nervous black greyhounds isn't going to be easy but these 2 really can't be split up and will stay with us until their perfect home is found however long that takes.

With how nervous this pair are they need a home without children or any young visiting children. They are good with other greyhounds and so could live with other dogs who would be happy to accept a bonded pair however they are not suitable to live with small dogs/cats or other small pets.

Howard behind


Date of birth: July 2018.

Sheldon (left) and Amy (see Amy on our current girls page) came into our care along with their litter sister Bernie when they were just 12 months old. The whole litter had been destined for racing but due to the kennel hand who owned them leaving the trainers kennels he needed to 'get rid' of them by the following day.
They arrived in an horrendous physical condition but even worse, they were mentally and emotionally scarred. Pups should be happy, bouncy carefree bundles of joy. These 3 were terrified of everything and everyone and just wanted to run away and hide.
After lots of love, patience and encouragement they started to come out of their shells in time and show us their cheeky sides. Sheldon and Amy need to be rehomed together. Amy is the least confident of new people and out and about and although Sheldon is confident he's completely different if he's split up from Amy and we feel the 2 need to stay together. They could be rehomed with other dogs but no small furries.
Like all pups Amy and Sheldon aren't going to be easy additions at first and need a patient family to teach them what's expected. They are currently 15 months old but after spending their whole lives in kennels and with the majority of their life not being a nice experience they are going to require housetraining and ongoing training, lead work and socialisation. We are looking for a home where they won’t be left for long periods.
Amy and Sheldon love each other and often cuddle up. Even when they are stood or out on a walk they will often rest their heads on each other giving each other comfort. They get very excited for their walks, Sheldon likes to lead the way and can pull if he's not in front. Amy likes to go out but is very reserved and takes confidence from her brother. Both have a good appetite after arriving very underweight but are separated to eat as Sheldon is quicker and would finish Amy's food and Amy would let him!

Date of birth: October 2012

Our handsome lurcher Jacob is desperately seeking his forever home. We believe Jacob is a Greyhound x Pointer and is therefore a very high energy boy. He can easily become bored and so will require a home where he will be kept both physically and mentally stimulated. We are looking for an experienced lurcher family who will set boundaries for Jacob with positive reward based training. He came to us from a stray pound - where he went after being involved in an RTA - when he wasn't claimed by his previous owners. Once fully recovered he was rehomed but unfortunately it didn't work out. Jacob is your typical lurcher who loves the outdoor life, long walks, adventures, lots of fun based activities and mental stimulation. He loves playing fetch; his activity based toys which keep him occupied while he's in kennels and of course cuddles, treats, long walks and runs in the paddock. He's a very friendly, loving boy with a cheeky side. He's good with other dogs most of the time and will happily walk with his kennel pals but he doesn't like dogs in his face and can be choosey with some male dogs, because of this Jacob needs to be an only dog within a home though would happily enjoy walking with other dogs particularly laid back females. Jacob can get over excited and will jump up when he knows he's going out but this has got much better. When Jacob was adopted the couple who had him by their own admission were quite lenient with setting boundaries at first as they felt that he'd had a sad life up to then so wanted to spoil him. Sadly he played on their leniency and started showing some negative behaviour and following lengthy discussions it was agreed that he'd be better placed with someone more experienced.

We offer ongoing support to all our adopters and fosterers and are happy to discuss Jacob’s past behaviour further if you are interested in him. Jacob is sadly our longest resident now since arriving back just before Christmas 2016, he has the best life we can give him but he so deserves a proper home. We know Jacob will make an amazing pet for the right family... We just need to find him that special family.


Date of birth: 1st August 2015

This handsome fella came into our care as a pup when his owners existing dog wouldn't accept him and he was at risk of falling into the wrong hands. Taz went into foster where he came on in leaps and bounds and ended up staying. He had an amazing bond with the couple, their two female dogs and their young daughter but sadly through no fault of his own Taz had to come back into our care. One of Taz's owners became very ill and in time his other owner struggled to cope with juggling everything. It all got too much and the breaking point came when a dog they were looking after - an entire male - growled at Taz in his own home. This happened on 2 separate occasions, the second of which escalated when the other dog went for Taz. Luckily neither dog was badly hurt but following a long conversation with his owner that evening it became clear the family were struggling with the situation and we offered to take Taz back which they felt would be in his best interest. Taz was very stressed coming back and going into kennels. This poor boy had done nothing wrong yet had his whole life turned upside down.

Taz has settled brilliantly and loves everyone he meets but after being attacked by another dog in his own home sadly our once very dog friendly boy is now very wary and can be reactive to dogs he doesn't know. Once he gets used to other dogs and knows they're not a threat to him Taz will happily walk with them. Taz has been used to going off lead and loves nothing more than running around with his ball and playing fetch but as he can be reactive this currently has to be in an enclosed field. Taz is house trained, travels well and is always eager to please. Taz can walk nicely on his lead but is a strong boy and he does need an experienced home ideally as an only dog. Taz may be able to live with a female dog if the match is right but this would require multiple introductions first to ensure both dogs were fully comfortable together before he could be adopted so any potential adopter would need to commit to regular visits to get to know him over a period of time.

We had Taz's 'lightning bolt' tail checked when he originally came into our care as it looked like it'd been trapped and broken in 2 places. The owner he came from said he'd been born like it but we weren't sure. Our vet however believed that was the case and as it doesn't cause him any pain or discomfort it was best to leave it how it is. It definitely adds to his character. 


Date of birth: 2009

This lovely old fella came to us following his elderly owners death after his other family members within the home sadly decided not to keep him. Buckley struggled initially, he was pining for his owner as well as the rest of his family but in time he settled and got used to the routine.

Being an older, black, bull lurcher boy Buckley had everything against him and was overlooked time and time again. Buckley got very stressed with the bad weather on the kennel roof and one night when it was particularly bad he got so stressed he pulled his heatlamp down in his panic, smashing the glass bulb and tripping the electrics leaving all the dogs in the dark and cold. Luckily he was ok but he needed to get out of kennels. We got him into emergency foster but Buck had severe separation anxiety and sadly couldn't cope with being left for a couple of hours on weekday mornings and so we sought a more suitable foster home where he remains in long term foster and is doing really well.


Date of birth: 13th January 2015

Spencer is a big handsome puppy dog. He came into our care from an allotment where he was being kept and he was the last dog left behind. Poor Spencer was all on his own and only had someone nipping in once day to feed him. Spencer is such a people dog and craves attention so he must have been so sad on his own. He was riddled with fleas and worms when he arrived and was clearly very underweight despite his very thick kennel coat from being out in all weathers. With lots of TLC and 5 small meals a day Spencer soon got up to a healthy weight. Spencer is such a happy go lucky boy and his tail never stops wagging which unfortunately resulted in him splitting his tail on the kennel walls not long after his arrival. Despite every effort to try and get his tail to heal it kept splitting again with his constant wagging and sadly we had to have part of his tail removed. This is all healed now and still doesn't stop wagging although it's no longer splitting as he does so.

Spencer is good on his lead although can be strong at first due to his excitement. He's dog friendly but has only recently been neutered and isn't keen on some entire males at the moment. He's a big lad who is very bouncy but he can also be nervous of new situations and people. Due to this Spencer wouldn't be suitable to be rehomed with young children.

Spencer was recently cat tested and has shown himself to be cat trainable.


Date of birth: 14th December 2014

We took Romeo into our care as an emergency when his racing owner no longer wanted him and his future looked very uncertain. He arrived in our care on Valentine's Day hence his name. He's a lovely laid back boy although has his mad bouncy moments wanting to play! He's good with our other dogs, good on his lead and he has a good appetite. Romeo is clean in his kennel and has adapted well to our routine. Romeo is learning what life is about and getting plenty of attention and tlc. He's discovered he likes fuss especially a good neck rub.

Romeo was a good boy in short term foster while he recovered from being castrated and having a lump removed from his leg which was a benign histiocytoma so nothing at all to worry about. He settled really well with his fosterers and their 2 greyhounds and was very respectful of them. Romeo doesn't like any bangs of doors or drawers closing and will squeal. He has the most pitiful squeal and had us running in panic thinking he was hurt until we realised it was each time we shut the door or drawer on the washing machine! He's a sensitive soul and would prefer a calm and quiet home. Due to his giddy moments and sensitive nature he won't be suitable for homes with young children.


Date of birth: June 2013

Samson is our gorgeous 6 year old blue boy who is very affectionate and loves nothing more than a good cuddle. Samson arrived from racing with his kennel mate Delilah who has now been adopted. 

Samson is very laid back and is often found roaching on his bed with his head on his pillows and can need encouragement to go out for a wee. That said he loves his walks and gets very excited to have his lead on. He's such a sweet natured boy who walks well on his lead, is good with all our other dogs and likes a lean if you should happen to stop. Samson hasn't got the best appetite and likes something tasty mixed in with his kibble to encourage him to eat. Samson has a unique way of drinking and likes to put his nose underwater and blow bubbles!

He also has a cheeky side and likes to pick his bowls up and carry them to his bed so we give him an empty bowl to carry and make sure his water bowl is secure so he doesn't flood his kennel!

Samson thought he'd found his forever home... twice but sadly both times Samson was returned through no fault of his own. The first time was after just 24 hours due to a member of the families extreme anxiety and feeling they couldn't cope with having a dog. We explained to the next family interested in him that being returned so soon after his first time in a home would make him more unsettled initially and he would need more time to settle. They assured us this wouldn't be a problem but after just a few days they too decided to return him as they felt he wasn't settling quickly enough.

Samson would make a fantastic companion and he could live with sensible dog savvy children. Samson has had so much upheaval and really needs someone willing to put in the time and effort he needs to settle after being let down on both occasions he went into a home. Samson can not be let down again and will only be rehomed to someone who is 100% committed to him and who has the time to give him. We feel Samson would benefit from a home where he won't be left for long periods and where there is a confident resident dog to help give him confidence. Samson is good with other calm dogs including smaller dogs but doesn't like dogs in his face and isn't keen on entire males.

If you would like more information on any of our boys or an informal chat about adopting please contact us.