Successes - more information about

some of our homed hounds

All our homed hounds are very special - as are their families - and they are all listed on Happy Endings. This page is where you can read more about some of our homed hounds in the words of their families.

If you have homed a GRSY hound and would like to include a photo and some words about them please email us at the address at the foot of the page.


Eric has settled in really well and now feels part of the family.

He was very timid to start with and had to be taken out to the garden on a lead and then he would rush back in as fast as he could to his safe place.  He avoided eye contact and even wanted feeding in his special place.

What a change now.  He will never be a dog that comes forward easily but now will poke his head round to see who the visitor is and, if tempted by a treat, Eric will come to them eventually.  He’s still concerned about outside noise or a door blown to in the wind but takes himself off on his own to patrol the garden boundaries.  He is very good with our other dogs and is more than happy to share a bed with them. He enjoys playing chase or being chased.

We thought of changing his name to Shadow as he now follows us around and just stands there poking you for a fuss – the name Eric has stuck.  He goes everywhere with the others and at night rushes out into the garden with them to chase the giraffes away (we never do see any so it must work).

It gets better all the time and when our kids visited for a few days with our 4 year old grandson, who loves dogs, Eric quickly grew used to him. That might have been partly due to the fact that any unwanted food went Eric’s way.  The other dogs didn’t miss out though they all lined up.

He has a well-developed sense of time and doesn’t hesitate to remind you that it’s dinner time or time for treats (best loved is a pig’s ear or anything from the bin).

There is still a long way to go but every journey starts with a few steps and he is proving to be a delight.

John & Mary


Some of you will know that Susie has been in foster with me since arriving from a pound down south June 2014 with major issues (slight understatement). Susie has come a hell of a long way since arriving and will now happily live with multiple other dogs (currently 6) after very slow and careful introductions and careful monitoring as she can be unpredictable at times. Susie gains alot of confidence from the other dogs though, Anya in particular, especially as she's suffered w
ith severe seperation anxiety.
Susie is still very much scared of unknown dogs when out on walks and will react very aggressively wanting to attack through fear. Because of this Susie is always muzzled while out and kept very much under control with an escape proof harness, a collar and being double leaded. Due to her extreme fear and unpredictability we don't feel we could ever safely rehome her and have previously stated Susie will stay with me indefinitely. Well although that still stands now we've adopted Reggie I think Susie deserves to be adopted too.... so Susie is officially our forever girl! I must be mental but in for a penny in for a pound and all that. She's going nowhere, I love my crazy little fruitloop to the moon and back x


Reggie.... our poor neglected greyhound boy who was left injured, untreated and unwanted. Passed about from trainer to a home and then onto yet another home both times through free ads before eventually making it safely into our care.... 15 months on (when he was spotted on yet another free ad). Reggie has since received all the care necessary to get his badly healed broken hock repaired; 3 operations in total and then ongoing rehab including weekly hydrotherapy and regular canine massages.

Who would ever want this boy? Well... me and this boy have got such a special bond I love him to bits and have come to realise I just can't let him go and Becky feels exactly the same as me...... so Reggie is officially staying! 😙