Girls looking for forever homes

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Echo arrived straight from racing and is now happily paired up with our lovely Stu who is so happy to have a girlfriend! Echo is a little reserved at the moment but I'm sure she'll soon come out of her shell. Welcome to GRSY Echo x


Pippa was picked up by the dog warden as a stray but after not being claimed by her previous owner when her 7 days were up she was saved by another rescue. After not getting any interest while in their care as they mainly rescue bull breeds they asked if we'd take her. This little girl is a sweetheart, we are looking forward to getting to know her better. Welcome to GRSY lovely Pippa x


Lisa joined us via Greyhound Gap who have been coordinating the urgent rescue and placing of multiple greyhounds from an emergency situation in Wales. We were  pleased to have been able to take both Lisa and Stu.

It's too early to give much idea about Lisa, but so far she is a really friendly girl, with just a touch of the diva about her!


Date of birth: 21st January 2016 

Gracie is just 2 years old yet came into our care a couple of months ago after sustaining a nasty wrist injury on her very first race. Gracie has had x-rays and following our vets advice she's on daily anti inflammatories and strict rest for 3 months to give her wrist time to heal before being reassessed. Gracie however doesn't realise there's anything wrong, she's only a pup and is such a happy bouncy girl she just wants to bounce about and play! It's very difficult keeping her so restricted but it's for her long term benefit and we're hopeful that her injury won't restrict her as a pet once she's fully recovered. Gracie is such a beautiful girl and loves to jump or more to the point dive on people and give them cuddles! At first she was very dirty in her kennel and reluctant to toilet when taken outside but with lots of positive praise Gracie has learnt what's expected of her and now tries to be clean in her kennel and toilet when taken out. Gracie is currently kennelled with our nervous boy Archie and has done wonders for his confidence with how happy go lucky she is! Gracie loves toys especially treat filled kongs and she loves human attention. Gracie is very puppyish and will look for her own entertainment if she gets bored. With her limited to just short toilet trips Gracie often finds herself stripping Archie of his pj's to play with them - little monkey! Gracie isn't currently available and won't be until our vet is happy with her wrist and we've been able to build up her walks without any problem but this cheeky little lady is going to make a wonderful pet for someone who's got lots of energy to keep up with her playfulness and lots of patience for her puppy ways. Gracie is great with other dogs and loves absolutely everyone she meets. She would really benefit from some training classes as coming out of racing kennels so young she's a big puppy who's got lots of energy but hasn't been socialised so has lots to learn about life after spending her first years in kennels.


Date of birth: 22nd April 2014 

Beryl came into our care straight from racing. She arrived very shut down and wary of her new surroundings. She really wanted to make friends with us but was scared to let her guard down at first and would keep her distance. Beryl enjoys her walks and has a good appetite and in time she's come to realise she's safe and is now comfortable to have a fuss and come and sit with us for a cuddle. Beryl is good with other sighthounds but doesn't like dogs in her face or sniffing her bum so she's looking for a laid back companion that will respect her personal space. Beryl does have a high prey drive so is unsuitable for families with any small furries. As Beryl can be nervous she would be better suited to a calm home without any children. This beautiful girl will make a great addition to a special family who are willing to spend time gaining her trust.


Date of birth: 6th September 2013 

Jilly came into our care at the same time as Jamie, both came directly from a trainer who isn't willing to wait or pay to get his dogs into the retirement scheme linked to the track where he races. Jilly arrived very shut down and terrified of everything but as she's got to know us and realised she's safe she has really come out of her shell beautifully. She's wary of new people especially men, when she's in her kennel but once out she's everyone's friend. She loves to go walkies and is really good on her lead. Jilly is such a sweet girl, she got on so well with Jamie and since Jamie went to his new home Jilly has happily kennelled with Bramble and they're often found cuddled up together. When Jilly was neutered she went into short term foster while she recovered and was the perfect house guest, completely clean and happy to stay on her own downstairs overnight. Jilly can be nervous of new situations and is very wary of children so she needs a nice calm home without any young children or lots of comings and goings which would unsettle her. Jilly would benefit from a home with another dog or where someone is home most of the time so she's not on her own for long periods.

If you would like more information on any of our girls or an informal chat about adopting please contact us.