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We have fostered many times, we are not very good at it because four times now we have failed and adopted the hound we were fostering. Now we are in the sad position of having a full house, we still foster but we know that if we keep another one we will need to stop fostering. We know how difficult it is for rescues to find good foster homes so for us giving up just isn’t an option.

Our last foster girl has just gone to her forever home, she came to us direct from the pound, 10kgs underweight, so thin that all of her bones were protruding and each protruding bone had an open sore on it. She was a pitiful thing; too weak to get into the car herself yet when I carefully lifted her in the first thing she did was give me a kiss, just a single kiss on the cheek. Somehow they seem to know that we care and we are there to help them.

Hounds are amazing creatures and we watched her condition improve daily, within days all but the deepest sores were healing and after two weeks they were all but gone. Because she was so starved we started her on four small meals a day, then three then after about six weeks she was eating normally. We always seem to foster the sick or injured hounds and although they need more care in the early days watching them improve is even more rewarding, if that is possible.

Old, young, fit or ill the fostering experience is amassing. To watch one of these beautiful gentle creatures change from a frightened hound who may have never experienced love or a home before into a happy, playful, confident companion is an experience beyond words. For us the hard part is always letting them go, but we have prepared them for their new life and they are going to super homes so our job is done.

Rescues seem to be quite close communities so often when we are out fundraising we meet some of our ex fosters, seeing them happy with their new families really does make your heart glow. They say that hounds leave paw prints on your heart and they really do. If you are reading this because you are considering fostering then do it, the experience will change your life.

If you want to do something really amazing Foster a hound

August 2014