Boys looking for their forever homes

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Stu joined us via Greyhound Gap who have been coordinating the urgent rescue and placing of multiple greyhounds from an emergency situation in Wales. We were  pleased to have been able to take both Stu and Lisa.

So far Stu appears to be a very loving and calm lad.



Archie arrived with injured wrists having run many races. At four years old he is consequently of no further use, so has found his way to the safety and comfort of our kennels. Further information to follow. 


We're very sad to say that our lovely Pluto's home didn't work out and sadly he's had to be returned. Pluto has always been so laid back while in kennels and during his stay in foster with Laura, Damien and their 2 greyhounds but unfortunately in his new home he got too big for his boots and wanted all the attention for himself resulting in the other greyhound staying out of his way and becoming very withdrawn. Pluto previously went on a trial elsewhere but was returned due to the other dog not letting him near the owners. Pluto seems to have gone from the bullied boy to the bully! This lad really is amazing with people, he's great with other dogs on walks and we haven't witnessed any negative behaviour from him while in kennels or on foster. Pluto loves other dogs so it would be a shame for him to be an only pet but he will need a home with a confident female dog who will keep him in check without overpowering him. This boy really does have so much to offer. His mum was devastated it didn't work out and has stressed just how good he was in every other sense; house training, mealtimes, on walks, being left etc. She has kindly offered to discuss Pluto with anyone interested in him as has Laura who fostered him.


Date of birth: November 2014 

Three year old Taylor finished racing very young due to straining his groin but was kept for some time by his trainer 'to toilet train' the litters of pups! The pups must have tormented the life out of this sweet boy but it just shows how gentle he is as not many dogs would share a kennel with a pup let alone litters of them! Taylor is a confident boy and is happy to share his kennel. He's currently paired up with Darcey and the pair have their mad moments of playing before tiring themselves out and needing a snooze! Taylor previously strained groin doesn't cause him any problems and he absolutely loves his walks. He gets very excited to go out and is often referred to as a 'kangaroo' as he likes to do little jumps when you first set off on a walk. On the whole though he does walk nicely without pulling. Taylor is a really cuddly boy who loves attention and will cover anyone who spends time in his kennel in lots of kisses! Taylor could live happily as an only dog but equally he'd be happy to share a home with other dogs. Taylor is as soft as a brush and therefore we feel he would be happy rehomed with dog savvy children who will respect him and his space.


Approximately 9 years old (Born 2009) 

Buck is a bull lurcher boy who we were asked to take as an emergency after he was advertised 'free to a good home' following the death of his owner. Buck was understandably very stressed on his arrival. He'd had his whole world turned upside down and found himself in a busy kennel block after years as a family pet. Buck lost a lot of weight through stress and pining for his family but in time he's settled and with 3 meals a day his weight has slowly but steadily increased. Buck is a very sweet boy, he was worked when he was young before his previous owners got him and so still has a very keen chase instinct especially in the woods but he loves his walks and away from any small furries he walks really well on his lead. Buck is really friendly towards our other dogs, especially the girls but as Buck hadn't been socialised with many dogs prior to coming to us he's not very good at reading other dogs and he can be quite 'heavy headed' in his greetings and usually headbutts when I'm sure he only intends to have a little sniff! Buck doesn't mean any malice but with how overly friendly his greetings are he has been told off a few times by other dogs. Buck has accepted this and backed off though without retaliating. Buck is a big strong lad and although he walks nicely on his lead he can pull when he wants to so a new owner needs to be aware of Bucks strength. Buck loves his walks, he knows his basic commands but above all Buck loves human attention and is at his happiest when someone sits with him for a fuss and cuddle and Buck is usually so content to have the loving attention he so desperately misses that he quite often falls asleep within a few minutes of having a cuddle! Buck is completely house trained and tries to be clean in his kennel. Due to his size and clumsy over enthusiastic greetings we are looking for a home without any young children where Buck will get lots of attention, tlc and nice walks to enjoy his later years. This boy really has got so much love to give. 



Jamie came in on 17th September along with Jilly, more information to follow once we've assessed him.


Date of birth: 1st October 2013 

We took Teddy into our care as an emergency when his racing owner wanted him gone asap as sadly this man refuses to wait when he wants one of his dogs gone and really doesn't care where they end up or what happens to them. Teddy we believe was kept in a shed with very little interaction. When he arrived we struggled to keep weight on him as he was just so happy he was playing and bouncing about constantly. He'd jump up and run to greet anyone that came near. He's such a happy chappy with such a silly side he has everyone in tears laughing at his antics. Teddy loves to hear himself and if he wants something he knows how to get your attention! People are often left speechless at how high Teddy can jump - he's been known to bang his head on the ceiling in his excitement! Teddy is more like a high energy lurcher than a laid back greyhound. He loves to play and go nice long walks but he also loves to cuddle and has a lovely soft side too, more so when he's tired! Teddy is known as the kennel clown, he's the boy that everyone loves, he makes everyone smile but sadly no one wants to take him home. Obviously at the moment Teddy is in kennels so his cheekiness is enhanced as his company and 1-1 attention is limited so he makes the most of having any attention and barks when he wants 'his turn' but once in a home with all the attention he could wish for I genuinely think this cheeky lad will calm right down and be the perfect companion. Teddy loves to play, he's going for a record in how quickly he can get treats out of his kong!! He has got a mischievous side and if he's left to become bored he will look for his own entertainment!


Date of birth: 1st August 2015

This handsome fella came into our care as a pup when his owners existing dog wouldn't accept him and he was at risk of falling into the wrong hands. Taz went into foster where he came on in leaps and bounds and ended up staying. He had an amazing bond with the couple, their 2 female dogs and especially their young daughter but sadly through no fault of his own Taz has had to come back to us. One of Taz's owners became very ill and in time his other owner struggled to cope with juggling everything. It all got too much and the breaking point came when a dog they were looking after - an entire male - growled at Taz in his own home and the 2 dogs had words, luckily nothing serious but following a long conversation with his owner that evening it became clear the family were struggling with the situation and we offered to take Taz back which they felt might be for the best. Taz is very bewildered since coming back and going into kennels. The poor boy has had his whole life turned upside down. Taz is not currently available for adoption but in time we're sure he'll make an amazing addition to a special family. Taz is used to going off lead, he's house trained, good with other dogs, dog savvy children and people, men especially. Taz travels well and is always eager to please. We had Taz's 'lightning bolt' tail checked when he originally came into our care as it looked like it'd been trapped and broken in 2 places. The owner he came from said he'd been born like it but we weren't sure. Our vet however believed that was the case and as it doesn't cause him any pain or discomfort it was best to leave it how it is. It definitely adds to his character.


Date of birth: 14th December 2012

Our gorgeous cuddly Staffie boy Ollie came into our care as an emergency when his previous owners landlord said he couldn't have a dog and so he was going to put him to sleep. Ollie went into a Staffie-experienced foster home and was later adopted. Sadly after 2 happy years in the home Ollie came back to us through no fault of his own when his owner became ill. Ollie has come back just the same as the lovely cuddly boy we know and love. He hasn't got a bad bone in him and has made friends with everyone he's met; men, women, kids and dogs alike. Ollie is fully house trained, he travels well and he just loves love. He's a strong boy but walks really nicely on his harness and trots along happily with a spring in his step, a big Staffie smile on his face and his trademark non stop waggy tail. Sadly despite his gorgeous looks, fab temperament and happy cuddly nature Ollie isn't being noticed as he's a Staffie in a sighthound rescue so if anyone reading this could tell their Staffie loving friends about our wonderful boy it'd really help him find his forever family! Ollie has lived with children in both his previous homes however we would prefer older or dog savvy children who will respect Ollie and his space.


Date of birth 17th May 2013 

Harvey is a gorgeous 4 year old boy who was handed over to us by his trainer in early 2017. He arrived very scared of everything and at first wouldn't even venture off his bed to eat. Since moving into his foster home in May 2017, Harvey’s personality has really blossomed and he is proving to be a soft, gentle and fun loving boy. Currently living with two other greyhounds, a male and a female, Harvey has settled into the routine of the house and is finally loving life. He thrives in familiar surroundings and, although he loves snuggling up with his fosterers on the sofa, he’s happy to be left when they're at work and hasn’t shown any signs of separation anxiety. However, as new surroundings worry Harvey, we are looking to rehome him with someone with a calm and settled home life. His fosterers have had no complaints about Harvey’s behaviour and he’s been completely clean throughout his stay. He’s behaved impeccably when small dogs and young children have visited but it’s unlikely that he would get on with cats. Harvey is good on his lead and really enjoys his walks. He’s friendly towards other dog breeds and he likes to greet dogs he meets when out and about. He also likes to play with the two dogs he’s currently staying with and will now often instigate play but he's very respectful of their personal space whilst on their beds. Harvey is looking for a quiet home where he can enjoy a consistent routine, and although he would enjoy the company of other dogs, we think he could adjust to being an only dog especially if someone was at home a lot of the time. 


Date of birth: October 2012

Our handsome lurcher Jacob is desperately seeking his forever home. We believe Jacob is a Greyhound x Pointer and therefore he has lots of energy. He can easily become bored and so will require a home where he will be kept both physically and mentally stimulated. We are looking for an experienced lurcher family who will set boundaries for Jacob with positive reward based training. He came to us from a stray pound when he wasn't claimed by his previous owners. He was rehomed but unfortunately it didn't work out. Jacob is your typical lurcher who loves the outdoor life, long walks, adventures, lots of fun based activities and mental stimulation. He loves playing fetch; his activity based toys which keep him occupied while he's in kennels and of course cuddles and treats. He's a very friendly, loving boy with a cheeky side and is good with other dogs. His best friend is another lurcher named Bailey who he loves going on long walks with. Jacob can get over excited and will sometimes jump up when he knows he is going out but this has got much better and the majority of the time he will sit while his harness is being put on. When Jacob was adopted the couple who had him by their own admission were quite lenient with setting boundaries at first as they felt that he'd had a sad life up to then so wanted to spoil him. Sadly he played on their leniency and started showing some negative behaviour, the couple wanted to persevere but following lengthy discussions it was agreed that he'd be better placed with someone more experienced. NB We offer ongoing support to all our adopters and fosterers and are happy to discuss Jacob’s past behaviour further if you are interested in adopting or fostering him. Jacob settled back into the routine of kennels without any problem and is our longest resident now since riving back just before Christmas 2016. He's not shown any negative behaviour since being back with us, he is still the same extremely loving, eager to please, happy boy we all know and love. If you feel you are suitable to offer Jacob the home he needs please get in touch for more information and we can arrange for you to meet him.


Date of birth: 2nd April 2014

This lovely lad is a typical Saluki lurcher who likes to hear himself sing and will cry for attention bless him. He was given up by his owners a couple of months ago now through no fault of his own following the breakdown of their relationship. Bailey had clearly not experienced much before coming to us, everything was very scary to him at first; walking on a lead, busy places, traffic and especially travelling but Bailey has come a hell of a long way since arriving 2 months ago and now travels relatively well, he occasionally likes to remind you he's still there with a little whimper just in case he's been forgotten but he's no longer travel sick and no longer squeals which he did for full journeys to start with! Bailey had also not had any training or been given any boundaries. This was clear to see when we picked him up and he was climbing all over the furniture and diving on everyone in the house demanding attention. He’s learnt a few manners now but would definitely benefit from further training ideally with an owner who is experienced with salukis, they're a crazy yet stubbornly strong willed breed and do need routine and boundaries. That said Bailey is such an affectionate boy who loves fuss and cuddles he also loves his walks and walks beautifully on his lead. We feel this lovable lad would be best suited to a home where he'd have a confident female dog as a playmate and where he wouldn't be left for long periods.

If you would like more information on any of our boys or an informal chat about adopting please telephone Jo  07713 172124